Align Your Body

Rejuvenate your body, overcome physical limitations, build strength and stamina.


What is it?

There are 8 limbs to yoga and the 3rd limb is the physical pose that gets alignment to gain strength and stability in your body and mind. It promotes mindfulness, freedom of physical movement, and balance for your mind, body, and general wellbeing. It is not, as many instructors will tell you, about becoming more “bendy”!

Who's it for?

 Iyengar Yoga is a specialist discipline that’s open to everybody regardless of age, ability, or physical limitations. Although our classes are aimed at those aged 18+, I am trained in children’s yoga and physical exercise. If you have a child under 18 that needs some support then please get in touch. Also, keep your eyes open for family events and young people’s workshops as we promote them at key times in the year. During a course at The Yoga Place North, you’ll build positivity and friendships as well as strength and stamina

Why should I get involved?

As we get older, our physical limitations start taking their toll. Yoga provides a way to help us use our bodies more effectively and to greater capability. Office workers and manual workers alike find support in all senses in our yoga classes, where we work together to free the body of stresses, strains and movement-hindering habits. Busy parents and grandparents also benefit from the effects that yoga can offer, after all that time spent running around after the kids! Even if you can still move to your full capability, are you doing it as effectively and safely as you can?

I have a fabulous free Facebook group  for my community where you will receive:

  • Regular live’s in the group
  • Weekly guided meditations
  • Yoga asana support
  • Guest expert speakers
  • Newsletter to keep you up to date
  • Journal prompts
  • Q & A to help you develop on your journey

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When are the classes?

Sessions are 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours long and run early mornings and evenings on weekdays. The true benefits of yoga lie in a commitment to the discipline, where results can be seen and felt only over a period of time. As a result, although we are happy to offer taster sessions, we don’t take drop-in bookings as standard practice, but instead, run courses of approximately 7 weeks in duration.  This often ties in nicely with school half terms, so that our clients can take time away after their block course to review and reflect on their progress.

What do I do next?

Firstly, go to the work with Janine section for dates and locations and commit to signing up for a course.  Secondly, invest in a yoga mat to bring with you to mark out your own workspace. Dress comfortably and bring a water bottle for hydration. As you become more familiar with the sessions, you will be encouraged to invest in yoga blocks and bricks to assist with your positioning, and belts to help with reaching and holding.  We will always advise you with this and can lend items to you in the meantime, of course.

Rest and Restore

To compliment all we do in Iyengar yoga, we offer specific restorative sessions which is the Yin to our Yang life style. These sessions are a perfect way to treat your body to some much needed attention to open you up and unblock your body, so we can get you moving and getting into your poses better. We allow time and breath to assist you in marinating in the pose to get the fascia opening and hydrated. The results are similar to having a massage, without needing to use the dreaded foam roller!
So no matter if you’re a fitness fanatic, pregnant, recovering from injuries, play tennis, golf, love to run or if you’re just looking for lifestyle changes, we have the experience and knowledge to help you.


Over the years I have felt a change within me but not really understood what or why so I decided to try and make some sense of it. Having attended Janine's yoga classes I knew that she practised Reiki so booked some sessions with her. I was sceptical at first, not really understanding how reiki could help me, however,Janine explained and completely put me at ease. After the first session I felt enlightened, relaxed and had a greater understanding of myself. Having undertaken 3 more sessions I am lighter, happier in my own skin and ready to face the world. I cannot thank Janine enough for knowledge, expertise and guidance, she has been truly amazing.
Lisa M.