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You are here because you’re looking for answers,  you want to change your habits that cause physical and mental pain but don’t know how to go about it.  You know deep down that you are out of balance and alignment with who you really are, you have lost that connection with your true essence and looking for a more holistic way to get yourself healthier and happier.

You know there is so much more to who you are but conditioning over time has taken you off track,  losing your identity as you navigate your way through this life

As we are all given this experience of life within this body, I believe it’s important to allow time to nurture and heal ourselves. Respecting our body by maintaining and strengthening the physical structure along with the energetic body which holds us present in this time. Living a life of purpose and happiness with a calm mind, steady body, and a heart that is open.

The choices we make in life are impacted by our 5 senses and can lead us to unhealthy habits on a daily basis. Our past experiences our jobs and social activities all make a deeper impression and further impact how we live our lives in this physical body.

You would never build your dream house on poor foundations, so why build your dream life on an unstable body and mind? Instead of being a human doing all the time, it’s time to be a human being… being more aware and connected with yourself to make wiser choices in moving through your life!

I offer both in-person and virtual classes, to people of all ages and abilities. I will help you on this physical and mental pathway to well-being helping you find the root cause of your discomfort teaching you the language of the body and quieting the mind, so you can live more authentically as you!

 So join me on a pathway to health and wellness in a culture of holistic wellbeing.

I have a fabulous free Facebook group  for my community where you will receive:

  • Regular Lives in the group
  • Tips on improving your health and wellbeing
  • Yoga asana support
  • Guest expert speakers
  • Challenges to boost your journey
  • Newsletter to keep you up to date
  • Journal prompts
  • Q & A to help you develop on your journey

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Janine is a member of the Iyengar Yoga Association UK & Manchester Iyengar Yoga institute and regularly attends classes for teachers to keep up to date. 

She is an affiliated teacher of The Dent Meditation centre in Cumbria. 

Shakti school Ayurvedic practitioner 

Trained with The British mindful academy.  

Janine is a Root cause coach and somatic teacher of energy emotional releasing work.

Reiki Master 



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