Janine Noblett

Is an intuitive body and energy coach who specialises in using the body to get to the root cause of illness or pain

Understand The Wisdom of Your Body


About Janine

Hi, I’m Janine.  I’ve been working with how the body works for over 25 years. My fascination started early in dance as I studied the movement and learned through A’level contemporary dance and anatomy how the mechanics of the body work together.   As an ex-dancer, group exercise coach, and assessor,  I began learning more deeply about the mind-body connection through lots of different studies including Iyengar Yoga, Ayurveda, philosophy, Reiki, Yin, Meditation, Chinese medicine and energy work . This helped me to heal after a car crash and deal with emotional trauma during my life. I noticed how my body and mind absorbed these experiences and wanted to learn more. This lead me on my own personal journey to use these  techniques as coping strategies and healing protocols to build strength mentally and physically.  I can now remain in a more balance place which helps me to see clearly and make wiser choices so I can enjoy my life in harmony and balance. I have always been active and soon learnt by using these techniques how daily stresses affect our immune system, adrenal system and stress levels.

Now I help people implement changes in their own life, in a fun modern way using these traditional effective methods – bringing them into a more aligned and connected way of living moving with ease and flow. Many have said how they have come out of pain to be more stable and free.

“I truly believe that your body can heal itself given the correct environment, it is made to move and be strong but flexible. 

The methods of bio-mechanics of the body is embedded in how I work and  deliver my courses or coaching sessions along with emotional releasing which is why I love to explore on the mat making it accessible to all.

 My clients start a class but end up on an amazing journey.


Join My Tribe

So, why is Iyenga Yoga at the heart of all we do here at Healing within by Janine? This is my story

Several years ago, I was in a car accident. In terms of recovery, I was prescribed treatment via pain management. This didn’t sit well with who I am and how I go about my life, so I opted for self-care. As the accident impacted my own teaching and fitness instruction, I did my research and started to look for yoga classes to attend. I discovered that most classes and forms of the discipline couldn’t accommodate me and my situation… until I found Iyengar Yoga.

I loved the class, found it completely accessible, and got so much out of the fact that the instructor really ‘spoke my language’. With the fact that the moves were relevant to everyday life and that the practice was backed up by theory and education of how you can work better for your body. I felt sure that not only had I found the right class, but that I’d found a vocation. My further studying on how the throughs effect your body and how are body wants to heal has now opened up my skills and knowledge gained from Fitness, Dance, meditation , reiki, shamanic work, and Chinese medicine so that I can now weave a healing journey into your life. I use traditional practical philosophy to help change your mindset and yoga to get your out of your head and connected to your body. Then we can start your healing journey. 

At Healing Within by Janine, my clients quickly become a community. At an in-person class or online at home, everyone is free from their role as a parent, worker, child, or anything else that sees them defined by society. Yoga forms just the start of the pathway we have for self-improvement, wellbeing, and fulfilment, so come along, try something new, and just be you.