Align Your Life

12 week transformation

What is it?

This is a 12-week transformational program, where I take you on a journey of self-inquiry to align your life for the better. It’s a contract with yourself and it requires commitment. We will be changing your habits, daily routines, and thinking patterns. 
We use journaling, discussions, powerful mediations, and tasks to help you explore the untraveled parts of your mind and body to help you move the energy and grow. 

Who's it for?

Those of you who want to find more happiness in your life, for anyone who finds themselves looking at life and wanting to move in a different direction but seem to have lost the map, so you don’t know the way. Anyone who wants to get out of the rut they are stuck in, and see clearer.  It’s our human need to be happy, so let me show you how. 

Why should I get involved?

This course empowers you to make better decisions in your life, decisions that are aligned to your values and visions.  It gives you permission to let go of the things that are not serving you and that are stopping you from living the life you want!
The course helps you remove the obstacles along the way that are holding you back where you are trapping yourself.  I show you how, so you can start living a happier life. 
You will get weekly 1-1 coaching via zoom, a weekly group session, and a Private Facebook support group.

I have a fabulous free Facebook group  for my community where you will receive:

  • Regular Lives in the group
  • Weekly guided meditations
  • Yoga asana support
  • Guest expert speakers
  • Newsletter to keep you up to date
  • Journal prompts
  • Q & A to help you develop on your journey

Join My Tribe

What do I do next?

Book yourself on the course. If you’re undecided about the sessions we offer, get in touch [email protected]  and we can arrange a quick chat about your needs.

Before starting on the course I was fairly stressed out from running my own business after years of bringing a family up as a single parent and struggling financially. I wasn’t particularly fulfilled, content and seemed to have lost some of the fun, I just felt more resigned to life. Through attending yoga classes I had talked with Janine and was feeling the benefit of the physical aspects of yoga but thought this course may be interesting and that perhaps It could help me achieve a better balance in my life. Reflecting on the last 8 weeks so far, I am delighted at some of the changes I have managed to achieve; I am clear about what MY goals are as opposed to be influenced by other people’s goals. I have set ( and achieved ) milestones to help me reach my goals I have more understanding of why I have struggled to reach my goals historically and of thought patterns that have held me back I find decision making easier as I am clear about what is important to me. I am still a definite work in progress but feel more confident, less stressed and in charge of my life. I look forward to the next 4 weeks and to taking what I have learned through life.