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When I started teaching yoga I was passionate about supporting and teaching others about the body in a way that I couldn’t do in the fitness industry as a coach. I saw so many people disconnected from their bodies just coming to classes to escape their job, their family, and life itself. I recognised the lack of connection because their eyes were dull like the lights had gone out inside. In a group exercise class, the repetitive sessions they would attend daily or weekly but got no results and they couldn’t understand why.

There were a few factors, here are a few

  1. Overtraining puts more and more stress and pressure on the hormone, and the immune system, increasing cortisol levels and stopping weight loss.
  2. Being in the head and disconnected from your body causes injuries as you are unaware of how you are moving
  3. Goal orientated instead of being mindful of the impact your training has on your body.

I understand people train to get away from stresses and the mundane routine but training is a method to connect with your body to keep it healthy and your mind quiet. The need to look a certain way becomes an obsession creating more stress. I chose to step out of the industry due to the inflated egos and pedestals people put themselves on, as I wanted to help people connect more deeply and get results, mentally physically and emotionally.

After 17 years of being known as Yoga Place North, I have taken a huge decision to step out of the word “YOGA” My reason for this is that the Yoga world is becoming saturated with teachers who have trained 200 hours or 1 month in India and now teach ( I use this word loosely ) Yoga classes. I see them in front of the class doing the poses with the followers not making eye contact just going through the poses, while the participants follow like lost sheep. The word and meaning of “YOGA” is being sold as a class, not a life-transforming practice.

I have never taught yoga as a drop-in class as I want to help you with all limbs of yoga to help you find your peace and balance. This cannot be done as a drop-in because this work is transformational it requires dedication to yourself and self-study and reflection. This is both the strengthening and healing which takes time and is powerful stuff. The new name Healing with by Janine Noblett I feel opens up the process of what traditional principles of yoga is really about, it’s a medicine, tonic for the mind and body and how oyu live. It’s a Life coaching journey of self-discovery. It’s deeply healing and heart-opening but can feel like a messy ride hence why you need the support to be able to unravel yourself safely. This is where I come in with my options to work with me in a way that suits you, group or 1-1, course or workshop then there’s my deep healing retreats.

If you wish to book a chat to see how I can help you online or in person please get in touch.