Janine Noblett

Root Cause Coach who specialises in IYENGAR® Yoga.

An ex-dancer, fitness coach, studio owner, corporate manager and presenter. I’m now  a Health Coach who specialises in Iyengar Yoga with twenty-five years of experience in helping many people to transform their mindset,  body, and their whole life.   I previously trained in Ballet and Contemporary Dance before moving into the fitness Industry as a coach, assessor, and professional educator.

My Iyengar journey began following a car crash which left me with lower back, pelvic and neck issues, and this made it hard for me to continue teaching the high impact classes I was used to. After a long stretch of physiotherapy sessions which didn’t improve my health or mobility, I was told I would have to live in pain and receive pain management. With an understanding on how the body moved, along with my knowledge in anatomy and bio mechanics, I turned to self care. After trying many different yoga styles I fell in love with the Iyengar method and began my yoga journey. This passion grew as I felt first hand, the physical benefits and noticed an improvement in my mental health too.

I could resonate with the principles of Iyengar Yoga as the focus is on alignment and precision of the body. It gave me the confidence I needed to build up my strength and stamina, and to be able to move freely again. That’s when I realised I wanted to help others with this method of yoga too. I intensified my practise and following 5 years of rigorous studies with senior teachers, qualified in 2009 at Manchester and District Iyengar Yoga Institute. The biggest institute outside of Pune, the home of Iyengar Yoga

I continuously develop myself through study for higher levels of teaching with my senior teachers and movement coaches. This also includes regular attendance of workshops and the annual Iyengar conventions which is expected as part of holiday the watermark of Iyengar.

I also continue with my meditation teachers, and practise mindfulness as part of the mental and spiritual journey of yoga.

Registered IYENGAR® yoga teacher.

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