Meditation what is it all about?

Meditation is a healing modality, It brings you to your natural state of being without all the baggage. We find meditation difficult because our everyday life has become too complex. Our routines lifestyle, and thinking have become artificial, complicated and contaminated on all levels. Under that influence of contamination we have forgotten the nature that was within us at birth.
I’m am affiliated teacher of The Meditation Centre and also a Qualified mindfulness teacher with the British Mindful Academy. I have been doing Transcendental meditation for 4 years and daily meditation practices myself.
My journey with meditation started 4 years ago and I really can’t remembers exactly why I was called to start but something within me knew I needed more than just my yoga practice and I feel upon TM meditation. So I did my course to become a regular daily meditator of 20 mins per day which I build up over time. Was it easy? NO my wondering head wanted to do everything but sit and be still with myself. I made up so many excuses but then Lock down gave me space and no excuses but to sit and so I did daily time a day for 20 mins.

At first I didn’t feel any changes but over the time it became a self care habit I started to do naturally. I made time in my day to practise no matter what and started to notice that all the excuses saying in too busy were indeed just that a diversion away from being with myself. I started to like being with myself and allowing what ever came up to be present. The good the bad and the ugly! I found I started feeling like I have more hours in my day, I felt more organised and I notices my reaction to life was changing and I wasn’t getting as many colds and headaches as I previously did…. this was interesting so I studied more and spent 6 months training with Dent meditation centre to work more on myself and qualify as. teacher of meditation. One of the questions over the 6 months of training we had to keep asking was 
The journey was incredible and the best things I have done, I opened up parts I had shut off and shut down from I started my healing journey deep from within and my body and mind became one again working coherently.

I am healthier than before , happier, and enjoy sharing by teaching others how to start a meditation practise and what meditation really is.

Don’t be afraid to come and try it your will be amazed by the benefits your will receive.