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Personal Coaching

Time to dive deeper as we ruffle the way your think, move and live as we break down barriers, and strip away old habits that cause pain mentally and physically. Together we rewrite and build new healthier ways of being so you can live a happier and more connected life more authentically inline with who you really are!


Personal coaching 

What is it?

Personal coaching is a bespoke way of working with me. You can book individual sessions but for more impact my 6 week program to work on a deeper level and really start seeing results and transformational body and life changes.  Everyone had their own personal reason why they want to change things. Sometimes we don’t realise the physical stresses and pain we may be in are formed from our emotional state. So when you book a personal coaching session we work together to find that place of happiness to develop a clearer understanding of our habits and learn to develop healthier ways of being by deconditioning in all areas of our life-improving our overall health and wellbeing.

Who is if For?

A personal coaching session is for you if you know you want more for yourself and need space and time to explore physical or mental limitations separately from a group class.  Or is not ready yet to participate in a group session. If you want to improve your Yoga poses to gain a deeper understanding of how to work better using props if needed to suit you.  Also if you have a specific injury and need to understand your physical needs better. Perhaps you wish to learn to meditate with our using a guided source. These sessions are to help change your mindset to develop strategies for coping and noticing your inner negative thoughts releasing energetic and mental blockages . Booking a coaching session may also be meeting to discuss anxiety issues and how to better deal with the overthinking mind.

Why should I get involved?

Life is for enjoying so why to let physical or mental pain stop you. If you can move your body well you experience life more fully. If you can learn to stand back and observe your emotions instead of filling them you can act from a more grounded place of clarity.

Well-being is the experience of health, happiness, and prosperity. It includes having good mental health, high life satisfaction, a sense of meaning or purpose, and the ability to manage stress.

Increasing your well-being is simple; there are tons of skills you can build, however increasing your well-being is not always easy: done alone,  Figuring out what parts of well-being are most important for you and figuring out how, exactly, to build well-being skills usually require some extra help so this is why you should book.

What do I do next?

Book yourself a Personal session with Janine. If you’re undecided about the sessions get in touch [email protected]  and she can arrange a quick chat about your needs.

3 reviews for Personal Coaching

  1. Jennie

    Following an accident where I injured my shoulder and arm quite badly I was looking for a yoga class in Chorley which would help me recover my flexibility and strength. I was lucky enough to find Janine at the Yoga Place North.

    I started off with a personal coaching session, 121 yoga with Janine. She used her expert knowledge to give specific guidance to address my injury and pain, adaptations to the yoga poses, the motivation to improve and the reassurance that I’d overcome my pain and limited movement.

    I signed up for her beginners yoga class which has been amazing, the Iyengar Yoga has improved my awareness of my body and yoga practise and I can’t believe the improvement in just 12 weeks. I’ve done all my sessions online and love the balance of being able to practise my yoga in my own space whilst knowing that Janine has her eye on my safety and technique.

    In addition to all of this I’ve become a member of Janine’s Soul Transformation Tribe Facebook group. It’s a friendly and welcoming community of like minded people, with free meditations, yoga tips and inspiration from Janine (and the occasional special guest!)

    If you are looking to relieve pain, gain flexibility, improve strength, or build on your yoga technique then I recommend Janine at Yoga Place North. Investing in your health is one of the most important investments you’ll make… you won’t look back.

  2. Cheryl

    After meeting Janine for the first time having a One to One session, she has given me plenty of confidence and guidance in our session. The exercises were given with empathy for me and how I have struggled with my back, I am so happy I have found someone that Can understand why Our bodies move the way we do, we need to give ourselves time to strengthen and heal.

    I am booking a one to one session for next month for sure!!!

  3. Carole

    Before starting on the course I was fairly stressed out from running my own business after years of bringing a family up as a single parent and struggling financially. I wasn’t particularly fulfilled, content and seemed to have lost some of the fun, I just felt more resigned to life. Through attending yoga classes I had talked with Janine and was feeling the benefit of the physical aspects of yoga but thought this course may be interesting and that perhaps It could help me achieve a better balance in my life.
    Reflecting on the last 8 weeks so far, I am delighted at some of the changes I have managed to achieve;
    I am clear about what MY goals are as opposed to be influenced by other people’s goals.
    I have set ( and achieved ) milestones to help me reach my goals
    I have more understanding of why I have struggled to reach my goals historically and of thought patterns that have held me back
    I find decision making easier as I am clear about what is important to me.
    I am still a definite work in progress but feel more confident, less stressed and in charge of my life.
    I look forward to the next 4 weeks and to taking what I have learned through life.

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