More than just a yoga teacher

Each time I do further study, I spend time choosing the right notebook which will hold my journey. This one specifically spoke to me as my next chapter is more deeply leading me into more of the body and energy.

I have worked with the body for most of my life. I had a fascination early on with how the body moved, my love for dance led me to teach dance before moving to the fitness industry as a personal trainer, group exercise coach leader, and manager: fitness industry presenter, assessor and lecturer.

My later studies took me down the path of Iyengar yoga which deeply grew my interest and lots of light bulb moments of the mind-body connection.

Yin training and Ayurveda studies brought more pieces of the jigsaw together, and my interest in energy, then along came reiki, mindfulness and meditation

Now it’s going full circle as I weave and piece together all my knowledge and experience together and really hone my intuitive skills to teach this.

I’ve always been a teacher, leader, mentor & coach, in different ways and stages of my life, many of you only know me as the yoga teacher so it’s time….

Time to stop hiding

Time to speak up and out confidently

Time to believe in myself and what I have to offer

Time to level up to lead you on this journey

I’m excited for what’s coming as I remember I’m so much more than just a yoga teacher/ mentor.

I have years of education and experience I’ve not yet shared, I’ve been quieting that mind so now my soul can speak.